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Dec 1, 2009

Wind Whispers

Hi Furfriends, MaaMaa's been busy so we haven't had time to post. Thanksgiving blew past with a waterfall of sparkling leaves. I watched glorious golden cherry and birch leaves cascade as the gusts kicked up. The red and orange leaves trickled next as the gusts died down to wind whispers.A tapestry of color painted the patio that I observe from my cat perch. My white coat is thickening now and covering me with a lush Norwegian Forest Cat coat.MaaMaa thinks I would have lived in the far north of Norway where the winds holler down the fiords and the snow blankets the earth in preparation for winter. Do you feel Jesus talking quietly to your soul as you watch the leaves fall? Purrs, Tankene Ice Mist


  1. This is a beautiful and touching post!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna
    ( thanks for your always kind words in my blog!)

  2. Hello fellow Forest Cat! I've been very rude in not responding to your October comment on my blog and I'm here to apologize. I have not been blogging much lately...kinda like your MaaMaa, my human has been busy with other things too. But I want to say thank you for visiting me and it is always an honor to meet another Forest Cat. I've never seen a pure white one before...you are gorgeous. And you would blend right in with the snow in our home country to the far, far north!

    Miss Kitty

  3. Dearest Tankene, I had an adventure in the snow today and that made me think of you and the other NFC friends we have. Please come by and enjoy the snowy pictures. Wish you were there to play!
    Siena Snowfox

  4. Hi Tankene and MaaMaa,
    This is a very sweet post, and we love to hear what Tankene is thinking.