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Feb 5, 2010

New 2010 Annual Flowers

However unusual, I share MaaMaa's love of gardening. I curl up in her lap and read the gardening magazines with her. MaaMaa showed me a new Dahlia called " Windmill" and it reminded me of a red and white pinwheel. Next was "Pretty Much Picasso Supertunia" with shocking violet face and charteuse; an attention grabber but still a Petunia. We loved the " Twinny Peach" Antirrhinum majus with dreamy petals.This dwarf snapdragon's pastel hues shine with peaches, yellows and melons reminding me of sunshine. New this year these annual flowers reveal such creative artistry. Have you ever blessed Jesus for the colors of nature? Purrs. Tankene Ice Mist


  1. Oh Tankene, you and MaaMaa look so happy together. Are you a Dahlia admirer?

  2. Hi Tankene Sweetie...
    Love the pictures of you and MaaMaa. Isn't she just the most beautiful thing ever? Love her coat, as it is so beautiful.

    I love flowers, and I always thank God every time I walk through the garden. The things he can do with a paintbrush are unbelievable. I have always loved walking in Moma and Daddy's tulip and iris gardens. They colors are always so gorgeous and don't get any closer to God than that. Love it.

    I pray you have a wonderful blessed weekend, sweetie. Please take care and God Bless you and keep you. Country hugs, Sherry