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Feb 25, 2010

Special Blog Award

Thank you to my dear friend  Sunshine at  http://terragarden..blogspot.com/ for giving me a  Beautiful Blogger  Award.
       I have selected 7 deserving bloggers  to pass on this lovely award.
   countrywingsinphoenix.blogspot.com     wethreegingercats.blogspot.com,
   tobersadventures.blogspot.com Each award winner post the Beautiful Blogger Award on your blog, select 7 deserving bloggers and list them on your blog, and share 7 things about yourself.
  7 things about Tankene Ice Mist:   1. I am  descended from Viking cats,  2. Nickname: "Weggie", 3. Double-coated to stay warm during Norwegian winters, 4. Intelligent, playful and very loyal friend, 5. Pure white with a tiny lightening mark on the top of my head - MaaMaa says that is is why I sometimes time travel, 6. Norwegian mythology refers to two Norwegian Forest Cats that pulled Freya's sled; one pure white and one black, 7. Daddy's name is Mainelines  Shalu of Sangha who won Supreme Grand in his show career-- and My Mama's name is Sweeson's Amaryllis of Sangha.
ePurrs, Tankene Ice Mist


  1. Oh my, Tankene, you are quite a noble cat, in addition to your white fluffiness. Please enjoy and share your Beautiful Blogger Award with MaaMaa and Papa, as I am sure they help you a lot with the blog.

  2. It was nice to hear more about you, Tankene! Concats on the award and thank you for passing it on to us.
    Purrs, Siena Snowfox