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Aug 13, 2010

Black and White but not red all over

 Sparklewood; Aug. 12, 2010
   Two  teensy, tiny, black and white Skunk- kits, tails as fancy as a peacock's plumage, gulping  Friskies. Squinting through the door crack, I saw one enormous, floofy tail and two black and white Skunk- kits squabbling, their silky heads moving side by side and that big tail arched over their backs. The skunk-kits kept jockeying for position much like siblings do.
MaaMaa said "Tankene there are two Skunk- kits in the cat dish and their tails are bigger than yours."
 Furfriends, Would you take umbrage from her comment?
 I  have been madly chasing my tail ever since. Hmmph, Tankene

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  1. Norwegian Forest Cats have magnificient tails and I very much doubt that these skunk kits can top your plumage, Tankene. Where's the photo proof anyway? Tail chasing is much fun though!
    Purrs, Siena Snowfox