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Dec 2, 2010

Out Live Your Life by Max Lucado

Thanks to the BookSneeze program, I received this every day devotional from the Thomas Nelson Company. My opinions are my own and after reading this book I found Max Lucado's idea to do something even in a small way to help others is a task most people could undertake. Instead of trying to save the whole world's many serious problems pick an area that calls to you. For me I suffer when people are cold during Winter. I will take some coats to the Goodwill and make a difference this December.
The chapters are short enough to read and take time to contemplate daily. Meditative prayers are included after each chapter.Anecdotes and stories are included to enhance his message that people need to get with it now and do something Christ like to help others.Action always speaks louder than words when it comes to doing good deeds.I found this book refreshing and a good read.

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