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Jan 25, 2011


MaaMaa is blessed to have two terrific sisters; one of her sisters has Brain Cancer and is laying in a three person room, in the middle bed, in pain. Today she told MaaMaa, "Just go" after a three minute visit.
This is a sister with a kind heart and beautiful soul. She is the "good" sister who never got in trouble while MaaMaa was out being a rascal. This sister who dressed just like MaaMaa's twin because they were only 17 months apart.Who has a younger brother, Pat and sister Cindy.Great nieces and nephews. A fine sister who lived across the street for thirty-five years and spent almost every Sat. night at MaaMaa's drinking wine, laughing and gossiping. A sister with two beautiful grownup children, a devoted daughter-in-law and two wonderful little boy grandchildren.Her parents are 84 and 80 and still alive. She also has a Labradoodle named Daisy and many good friends. Now in her 58th year, she is suffering so much she is pushing away the ones who love her.
Oh dear, what can I do? says MaaMaa. When someone you love is so ill what do you do?
MaaMaa comes home, pours a glass of wine and sits on her chair. I come over and say," MaaMaa-" and she picks me up and hugs me. She tells Papa, " I think my sister has had enough suffering" Papa has his own troubles but understands and says let us pray.
" Please Dear Lord, end her suffering and have all her angels surround her with love. Be in the arms of Jesus. His love will envelop her like a warm blanket and all her pain will be gone. Please pray a little extra tonight and think of my sweet sister, Kit. Purrs, Tankene

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