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Aug 4, 2011

Fight of our Lives

The Thomas Nelson Publisher's gave me a free copy of "The Fight of our Lives" by William J. Bennett and Seth Leibsohn to read and review. This book was deep and gave a rather stark view of how our government has failed to keep abreast of the terror threat since 911. The authors believe America can and should stand up to the truth about radical Islamism and make a case for the necessity of doing so immediately. Part of the problem according to the authors' is that many people have backed off in the name of political correctness in calling radical Islamists terrorists and replaced the War on Terror with a softer name. They no longer think that there are terrorists who are our deadly enemies plotting to murder Americans and destroy our Western way of life. I don't agree with all I read but the book offered some excellent ideas about dealing with this threat. People who are concerned about radical Islamists are encouraged to read this book. There is an enemy out there that wants to defeat our American way of life and turn back the clock on our freedoms and we all need to face this truth.

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  1. This book sounds good; Tankene, you are very smart to read a book and write this review, or did Maa help you?