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Nov 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I remember sitting aroound the table at Grandpa's as he prepared our feast. Grandma was a little crazy and didn't cook so we grew up thinking all men could cook like Grandpa. Wrong! My Dad made Tortino's Pizza, Cheese Toast and Hamburgers but ask him to try making Sloppy Joes- no way. Mom on the other hand could cook a perfectly balanced and tasty meal that always included a "nice" salad. To this day, I find myself telling my husband, I made him a " nice" salad. Both daughters are great cooks but the best Italian Gravy maker is Trace. Yum. His Italian family always had turkey, ham, meatballs and lasagne for Thanksgiving. Mama Mia!
Purrs, Tankene Ice Mist

That is how cooking went in our family. How about yours?

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