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Aug 2, 2012

The Truth about Grace by John MacArthur

Thomas Nelson allowed me to read and review this book for free. It is written by John MacArthur. This book offers insight into the what is  grace. This has been a misunderstood concept among many Christians. The author offers a understandable definition of grace stating that  common grace doesn't " pardon sin or redeem sinners, but is nevertheless a sincere token of God's goodwill to mankind in general." Sovereign grace or saving grace according to the author is "God's sovereign work." It appears that this grace is God's intervention that transforms the believer's heart. How can a Christian receive God's grace? If we believe that we enter God's kingdom solely by the grace of God than we acknowledge Gods sorereign power and surrender to the good news. We have faith and know that Jesus is the bread of life. We only enter the kingdom through the belief in this spiritual nourishment. A thought provoking book all about grace.

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