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Aug 21, 2009

Tails of Tankene

Tankene Ice Mist is my name and playing is my game. Born to "Shalu" and "Aimee" on June 24th, 2008. My first name was Vishnu: a powerful Hindu God. I was loved and cuddled as a baby and had lots of furfriends.My life so far is full of fanciful imaginings and tales of wonder.
Let me tell you a bit about me. I weigh 13 lbs., have the softest, snowy white coat, sparkling gold eyes,pink,lynx tip ears, and handsome white britches.I have been told I have the soul of an angel by MaaMaa. Everyone comments on my fluffy white tail. The Tails of Tankene are my personal musings about my life as a Norwegian Forest Cat.I was destined for a career in show business but my MaaMaa found my picture and decided I must live with her and Papa so I decided I will write about my adventures living at Sparklewood instead.
I arrived on Oct. 17th after a long ride with my first Mom, Melissa. I sat on her lap quietly purring most of the way. I was a purrbaby, only 4 months old. MaaMaa was so excited when we pulled into the driveway and after saying "hello" I almost jumped right into Maamas's arms. I felt like I knew her instantly. Mr. Chub, the ginger cat, was at the door to greet me but the Princess Sinatra refused to even say "meow". She was wearing a handsome tuxedo coat but just hissed and haughtily ran off to other corners of Sparklewood.

Yes, Sparklewood is the name of my home and there's a certain twinkling magic when you live in an old mountain cabin underneath the ancient redwoods. There are spiders to hunt, raccoons, squirrels, bluejays,hawks, a skunk and two outside cats, Diamond and Black Jack, aka "The Gamblers" to watch. Let's just say my life is joyful at Sparklewood.

So here's my first cat tail. I did a little time traveling before I moved to Sparklewood. One morning, I was gazing at the sea and sunning myself. The other kittens were somewhere else so I imagined myself out side. I always wanted to know what lay beyond the great window and see the world. I am not saying how but the next thing I knew I was some miles away, prancing up an unfamiliar street, alone. Funny but I wasn't scared at all.In the distance was a friendly looking human saying, " Here, kitty kitty," and because I was famished, I jumped at the opportunity to get some free food. Meanwhile, my first Mom and Dad were frantically calling for me, searching the house and neighboring gardens. They even put up posters with my picture all over town. After all, I was a show kitten worth lots of money and quite valuable. I settled down for the night with the friendly human, curling up on the bedspread and sleeping quite soundly. The next day there were signs for a missing kitten everywhere and the human saw one. My first family was called and the humans wondered how I traveled over two furiously congested, LA freeways without a scratch. Nobody could figure out how I ended up in a strange neighborhood many miles away from my home. I think it was my incredible imagination that allowed me to travel through time and space without moving a paw.What do you think ? Purrs, Tankene


  1. oh my Sparklewood sounds like a nice place and Tankene is sooo lucky.

  2. Tankene has quite a gift with the English language. Is his first language Norwegian or Cat?

  3. Welcome to the world of Cat Blogging, Tankene! It is so cool that you got your furry own blog now!. Now, that time travelling sounds like quite an adventure. Fortunately the nice human found - and returned - you.
    Lots of purrs, Siena & Chilli

  4. Wow, you were so lucky to be rescued by nice people. Your home sounds wonderful. Stay safe and don't run away again.