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Aug 25, 2009

MaaMaa's Vacation

Five days with grumpy Papa and MaaMaa - finally returned from her vacation.I felt like it was a miracle but I turned up my nose and didn't purr for a full hour. She did bring me special treats and I warmed up to her after lots of cuddling. Why I even regally sat on her shoulder as she walked through the house. I really am a special big,snowy, white furbaby to Mama.
Love, Tankene Ice Mist.
p.s. Papa got me 5 free Peacock feathers from the nice lady in town and I only tore apart three so far. What a life I live as a Norwegian Forest Cat. How 's life going for you? Purrs, Tankene
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  1. Our mom hasn't left us yet but she says one day it has to happen. We're not sure what we'll do then...

  2. Yes, make her pay for it. My SS often leaves me for fieldtrips for weeks at a time. Grrrrrr!