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Oct 22, 2009

Singing Spiders at Halloween

Halloween is coming.Here's a question for all of my furfriends.What is black, brown, hairy, with eyes, and many legs?
Before I answer, another Tankene tail-- just for you.
Saturday dawned, it was a bit chilly and nobody wanted to play. I tried to wake Maamaa but she just threw another pillow my way and I scampered out. What to do today? I just love hunting for spiders in the piano room at Sparklewood. They creep in through the cracks in the old, wood floor and weave delicate cobwebs in the ceilings. A large spider was meandering along singing a song that sounded something like this. "Spiders are special, spiders are neat. I will not hurt you unless you stomp with your feet.Why are you afraid of me when I hide under wood? Spiders are helpers and spiders are good. Oh can't you see-- I need you to let me be Me." This was sung in a mezzo soprano and it really was loud. So loud, I thought I heard the piano keys vibrate.
Have you ever heard a singing spider? I peered at the spider surprised that it could sing. It was large and hairy.The tiny eyes peered my way. Sunlight shone bright, lighting up the brown and black hairs on its many legs.It quit singing and jumped towards me, and scared the snowy, white fur on my back. I raised up on my legs just like a Halloween cat and pounced on that singing spider. I got me a leg and ripped it off. The spider no longer sang its spider song. It curled up in a ball and looked dead. My Halloween hunting trip was over. Later MaaMaa said, "Oh Tankene, you may have killed a spider that had babies" and I felt bad. "This was a California Tarantula and it was not going to hurt you or me," said MaaMaa. Maa sadly scooped it up and put it outside. She really loves spiders and saves them all the time. The Tarantula crawled away singing its spider songs. Did you know that even with one leg gone there were still 7 left? I learned alot about Tarantulas. I guess I will hunt for Wolf Spiders on my next hunting trip and leave the poor Mom Tarantula alone.So there's the answer to my question. It was a California Tarantula. Spiders are good for your garden and fairly harmless so leave them alone. Do you ever go hunting? Purrs, Tankene


  1. A Tarantula? We think we're going to faint. If we saw one we would definitely not get one of his legs but make a race. Phew. What a tail, Tankene!

  2. I guess biting her leg was a bit rough but I couldn't help myself. What kind if spiders do you find in Germany? Purrs, Tankene

  3. hum but you are sooo adorable posing for this picture!
    In fact I need to confess that I don't like spiders and my mommy Léia is always crazy about it!I say "Hey mommy, easy okay!"because she has a big fear about those little or not so little spiders! :)
    Cool story!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna