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Oct 15, 2009

Oct. 13 storm

I can't say I have ever heard a storm come roaring in so loud. There were the strangest whining winds, gusty and fierce. Rain pounded on the roof. Cracking branches falling to the earth. I felt quite concerned all day until MaaMaa finally came home from work. Our power was off and Papa made a wonderfully warm fire to keep us all content. There was over 11 inches of rain in 12 hours here in the mountains. My furfriends, Mr. Chub and Princess Nancy Sinatra seemed quite unfazed by the early Autumn storm.They slept through most of the excitement waking only when MaaMaa burst through the door, splashing all of us with raindrops flying off her coat every which way.. Papa took me out to feel the raindrops on my face and I jumped out of his arms and fell back into the warmth of our Sparklewood home. Purrs, Tankene


  1. Wow, some storm! I am scared of storm, especially the wind and thunder. Best place to be is under the cover, in bed.

  2. That sounds exciting. We're glad you all weren't too scared.