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Mar 8, 2010

A Cat's Meow

Meow my dear Friends,  The Academy Awards were on last night . I liked Meryl Street's classy  white and MaaMaa liked Kate Winslet's gown. Did you enjoy the outfits too?
      If you went to the Academy Awards -what would you wear? I would wear  my gorgeous white coat with a sassy sash made of black silk. I am posting an outfit Angel Sly wore for a Christmas party that was rather sparkly. He was handsome in silver wasn't he?
Meow. What would you wear? Purrs, Tankene


  1. Hi!! Mom thinks I might be at least part Norwegian Forrest too. You should check out A Cat with a Garden (Siena), MoMo, Dante, and Matilda and Theodor to see some of our kin. I should have links to all of them on my blog.

    So nice to meet you! You're a beauty.

  2. I guess a long silver grey fur coat spotted with gold would do the trick.