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Mar 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Did you know that the old time farmers often planted their cabbage seeds while wearing their nightclothes on St. Patrick's Day? MaaMaa knows alot of trivia and this was the one I remembered from our lesson this morning. So all you cats get out tonight put on some night clothes and dig a hole for  cabbage seeds and watch that cabbage grow. The sprites and leprechans  may be hiding under a rock so turn up all the rocks in the garden to be sure. Ha- Ha- Meow. Purrs, Tankene " Irish"  Mist


  1. Tankene you are so smart to share this with us. Did you plant your cabbage seeds in the moonlight?

  2. oooh seeds we planted at Sparklewood on St. Patricks Day are doing well, those old Irish tricks work. Thanks Tankene for the idea.