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Jun 16, 2010

Bark and Hide Motel has unexpected guest

Guess who?

Hi i Furfriends.
 I just  received an urgent message from the Bark and Hide Hotel that Miz'  Skunk was visiting again. She has little ones tucked away in the nest but must still be  out for some night life. I hear that that doggone Raccoon was staying at Buggy House not far away- so look out tonight you may hear another ruckus at Sparklewood.
 We are  sending in my Ninja to set things right.
 Purrs, Tankene


  1. Thanks Tankene, for keeping us informed about all of the mysterious goings on at Sparklewood. I hope the skunk is ok, those raccoons are tough.

  2. wow Tankene, you have a ninja! Fantastic! I hope everything will be fine soon! LOL funny idea!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna

  3. ooooh that skunk, if u feed it they will come. I have two tadpoles that are resting outside in a nice gallon container that I dug into the ground