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Jun 14, 2010

Raccoon & Lady Skunk involved in serious fight!

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                                                 Greetings Dear Furfriends.
       Sangha Forest Cats
Are you all ready for
                                             another Tails of Tankene ?
        Late Spring evening and the air was thick with Jasmine and Honeysuckle scents. Some might even say it was a slightly salubrious Saturday night at Sparklewood. Night birds were twittering, perched on the branches of  towering Redwoods swaying gently in the breeze. Trickster, a boldly marked, masked bandit slithered down the Redwood's trunk. Bits of Redwood  bark scraped off Bandit's claws and he reached the bottom and leaped onto the cement.  Big Black Jack and daring Miz' Diamond, after completing the evening meal, had graciously left some savory morsels in their red dinner dish.Yum yum yum-so tender and so tasty that a certain lady Skunk was daintily nibbling, her luxurious tail curling over her body. From the shadows, the masked bandollero pounced onto the skunk and snarled a scary and challenging sound. There was more snarling, some swearing and a lot of rolling and rolling. Flying fur filled the air.
 Guess who won this fight?
       Purrs, Tankene

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