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Sep 22, 2010

White Trout

 A nightime story told to Blake on Sept. 21, 2010 by Nona.
      Not long ago lived ol' Wood and his wee wife in a place called Sparklewood.Ol' Wood felt low down likening his troubles to the darkness of the bog. An ancient fairy voice whispered to wee wife and she gathered her white shawl, gnarled walking stick and her spirit cat, Tankene. Off they traveled, twilight coming on, searching for the cure for ol' Wood. Little did they know but ten fairies were gathered together at the round mound for a celebration. Ten fiddlers and singers were tuning and humming and strumming. Wee wife was on the trail to the river when she stumbled on a flat rock and heard the buzzing, much like a happy bee, of the fairie's music.  So sweet the sounds and soon wee wife felt sleepy."Aaha  my dear Tankene, let me rest a spell " and she fell into a deep slumber, slumping on top of the rock. Ten fairies jumped out of the round mound, angry that wee wife was sleeping on their chimney rock and there would be no fire to warm the hearth if she stayed asleep long.
      Tankene  gazed at the Full Moon and saw the reflection of a White Trout in the river below. "There is the cure for ol' Wood." purred Tankene.
       The ten fairies gathered on the bank and looking below saw the White Trout swimming just beneath the water.
       "We must catch White Trout to cure 'ol' Wood " meowed Tankene.
        Wouldn't you know but at that very moment, Tankene's pink nose smushed into a spinning spider's web and some of the silky threads covered his face
      "Let's make a fishing pole and catch the White Trout " exclaimed the ten Fairies. So the tenth and fairest fairy  pulled out her trusty spinning wheel, spun a fine line from the spider's gossamer threads and strung it on the fiddle's bow.
         Tankene's golden eyes reflected the White Trout and Full Moon. Sparkles lit up the water below as White trout swam slowly by the bank. Tankene softly scraped the damp earth with his feathery, pink paws and the tiniest of earthworms came up for a peek.
       "Would you be willing to help us? wondered Tankene.
       "Indeed as long as the White Trout doesn't really swallow me," retorted the worm." Indeed!" said he all the while slowly uncurling and slithering into the hand of the tenth fairy.
      Strong fairy magic cast the pole with the worm as bait and the White Trout took a bite.Well as you were wishing, the tenth fairy caught the White Trout's reflection. Numbers  nine, eight, seven, six,and  five gently placed it on a golden platter. Fairy four, three and two wrapped it up with dew and the first fairy placed it in a  knapsack full of grassy down. Right quick they were all tramping back up the trail to the wee wife. Snoring soundly was she, dreaming wee wife dreams of Sparklewood.
       Ten fairies and Tankene make quite a ruckus and she awoke with a  loud snort."Ahha' my fine, fey friends, you have brought me the blessings of the White Trout and now I can save me ol' Wood. I thank thee for your fairy gift! "
 and as the old ones like to say ol' Wood was cured..


  1. Bonjour dear Tankene,
    Your stories are full of adventures!
    You are a great writer!
    have a lovely weekend,
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  2. oh this is great, you should do some drawings of the story. Nice

  3. Tankene, you are a bright new star in the writing world and this story has lots of Tankene charm.