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Oct 7, 2010

Tankene's Pink Pumpkin

Tankene's Pink Pumpkin or Tales of Tommy Toasty  
      Ole' Wood had settled in for the night, his feet warmed by the crackling fire.Tankene draped his snowy, white coat over wee wife's legs and Mr. Chub's gingery, soft fur covered  wee wife's chest. Everyone was tuckered out and soon snoring songs sang in Tankene's ears.
      Tracy Pasty was nice and snug as paste jars often are settled in for the night. Suddenly there was a loud boom, bang ; thunder followed by lightning.Sounds exploded as light flashed in the darkened room. A  kitchen window crashed open and rain rushed through the curtains and flooded the floor. Poor Tommy Toasty popped right out of the toaster and landed  with a splash in the puddle. Soon- sobbing, sad Tommy Toasty drowned out Ole' Wood and wee wife's snoring.
      Tankene was thinking about his pretty pink pumpkin and Halloween when something very strange happened. Tracy Pasty, a handsome jar of paste, pulled out his trusty paste stick, pasted a pasty trail and quickly slid down the desk leg,  pasting his way towards the kitchen.
     Tommy Toasty, once a crisp, smart piece of toast, quite well known for his tasty toastiness, was wetter than a weasel stuck in a water pipe. His crispiness was shifting shape. Rain continued to pour through the broken window, swirling the curtains and blasting open the kitchen door.
       Tommy let out a tearful pleal, "Help me, help me, help me! Tommy Toasty was sinking fast. Tankene watched Tracy Pasty pick up his pace pasting  a path to the kitchen. Would he  make it to the kitchen in time?
       Tracy Pasty pasted his way through the doorway to the growing puddle and expertly extended his paste stick for Tommy Toasty. Pulling with all his mighty pastiness, he lifted Tommy Toasty out of the water. Tracy Pasty once again used his paste stick and pasted Tommy Toasty all back together.The paste dried out the water and Tommy Toasty was saved!
     The last thing Tankene saw with his golden eyes was Tommy Toasty jumping back into the toaster and Tracy Pasty pasting his way back to his desk. Soon the snoring of Ole' Wood and wee wife was all Tankene heard and he closed his eyes and fell asleep dreaming about Halloween and his pink pumpkin.. Purrs, Tankene Ice Mist
                                 copyright- Trace and Terry Haugen Oct. 22, 2010

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