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Apr 29, 2011

Prostate Cancer

I was thinking as I walked back from a meeting down the hill. Two coworkers asked me how my husband was doing ? His Prostate Cancer has spread into his bones and is causing him terrible pain.They both said how sad they felt for me. I felt myself fill up with tears and got up to walk back to my office. I realized I am sad too. I am so weary of his pain and suffering. How does one man take so much? This end stage Cancer is a powerful enemy. Wild winds whirled redwood leaves all around me. I struggled up a deer path and a beautiful deer gazed back at me. I made soft sweet talk and she silently slipped away deep into the shadows. I continued trudging up this very steep Oak-lined path and a ray of sunshine lit up a squirrel perched on a log enjoying Spring. I realize that I haved nothing to feel sad about today. Surrounded by God's creatures, I am just a tiny sparkle of light among bigger, brighter stars . I have no fear or worry when I realize God has a plan for each and every one of us. We are loved.

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