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Apr 26, 2011

Would you rather be quick or strong?

Easter Sunday Blake and his best buds had a great time telling MaaMaa what they would take into the forest to feel safe. Blake said a BB gun because right now he likes shooting BB's at a target. Cousin Mattie said a Lego sword and Kyle & Josh weren't sure. MaaMaa said she'd take a monkey and an elephant. Why? said the curious boys? " MaaMaa sat down ready to tell the tale.

"this image is from a Tibetian Prayer Rug and the story is taken from an Oriental fairy-tale. "

" The monkey would jump on the elephants back. The elephant would charge through the forest and all the other animals would be frightened by the size and strength of the elephant. They would be scared because the monkey could quickly climb up a tree and swing from the branches. The other animals would be so scared they'd try to trip the elephant into falling in a large ash hole. Guess what happened?" said MaaMaa. "The monkey saw the hole, swang from the tree, landed on the elephants back, warned the elephant and saved them both. " and from that time, long ago in a far away land, the elephant was known for its strength and the monkey for his quickness."

My latest tale just for you.

Love & Purrs, Tankene Ice Mist

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