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Jul 12, 2011

Bedtime for Bonzo

Here's a story about MaaMaa putting my " brother" Blake to bed when we have a "sleepover."

Blake is a 7 year old power house of energy. When he visits MaaMaa and Papa they have fun from morning until evening. So when it's time for bed MaaMaa does the following:
Blake takes a long bath and brushes his teeth.
He picks out 4-5 favorite, scrunchy stuffed animals.
A cold glass of milk and a chocolate cookie -yum!
What movie to watch? Star Wars-the latest favorite.
MaaMaa & Papa kiss him goodnight.
Everyone hopes he falls asleep. We are tired.
Mr. Chub and me jump on the bed and snuggle in. We love our Blake and guard him from nightmares . Blake is a blessing from God.
Love, Tankene
Purrs, Tankene Ice Mist


  1. Bonjour!
    Your brother is a sweet boy, we are enchanted by his story today.I also have a BIG brother and I'm happy because he came from Brazil to spend some days off the University.He is studying Engineer in São Paulo.
    Enjoy your Summer!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  2. That boy looks like he would be fun to play with! Though... my mom says I am a scardy cat, and I would be hiding!