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Jan 4, 2012

Has God Spoken?

Thomas Nelson has allowed me to read and review the book, " Has God Spoken? : Proof of the Bible's Divine Inspiration." for free. Hank Hanegraff, a Apolegetic Theologian, wrote this book to prove to unbelievers about the truth of the Bible as the divine work of God.
I personally knew nothing about the author or his credibility. He presented the case the the Bible is an accurate manuscript of God. He produced many facts to corroborate his claim and made a good case for the divineness of the Bible. Using acronyms to help the reader remember important facts, he also presented excellent arguments about his belief. If you are unfamiliar with the Bible this book is not for you. It would be difficult to follow his thinking. Read the Bible first and than dig in to this book.
People who are schooled in scripture have an opportunity to follow the author's research and make their own decisions. I understood that the disciples left an oral tradition that was eventually written down by scribes and holy people. He suggests that the Bible is an truly accurate rendition of the original words of God. Take your time and read this slowly.

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