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Apr 26, 2012

Surprised by Laughter The Comic World Of C.S. Lewis

 Many thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishing's free book review program, I received a copy of "Surprised by Laughter - The Comic World of C.S. Lewis " by Terry Lindsvall. This book is like reading a textbook in many ways and has taken me a bit of time to plow through. Definitely not a coffee table book,  the book is written in such a way that a chapter at a time is all I could absorb. I learned about Chesterton and Lewis and their theological ideas about laughter. I especially liked the quote by Chesterton that laughter is " a sacred madness." I agree that to laugh in the face of one's life and  troubles is  good for our souls. Laughter takes us to the world of the spirit. The book refers to C.S. Lewis and his conversion to Christ. There is also a chapter about his wife, Joy who died before her time. There is an emphasis on the spirituality of C.S. Lewis depicted in many of his books. I would recommend this book to people interested in C.S. Lewis's use of laughter and comedy in his writings and in his life. I suggest you read the Narnia series so you are comfortable with the many references found in this book. I also would suggest reading Chesterton and become familiar with his works because they are referenced many times in this book.

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