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Sep 1, 2009

Hide & Seek

Last night I taught MaaMaa a new and exciting game. She came upstairs to snitch some ice cream which is verboten for her tummy and tried to give me some. I took a tiny taste and scampered into the bedroom and hid behind the dictionary.I am quite a literate cat. MaaMaa called and I just quietly groomed my coat and stayed put. Finally she spied me, got down to my eye level and came in to grab me.I slowly revealed myself, slipped off and hid in the closet, trying to make my sparkling white coat blend into the brown rug. It was twilight so I thought this trick might work. MaaMaa couched down and pretended she was a big cat and grabbed me and gave me a kiss. Next time, I will hide on a pure, white rug. Do you think that might work? Purrs, Tankene


  1. How nice! I am Momo, a self-annointed Norwegian Forest Cat. There is a small group of us NFC in the cat blogging community. My sister-in-floof, Siena (from Germany), told me about you. Please come and visit me in my little garden in sunny Sydney, Australia.

  2. Not sure if this came through... Hi my name is Fin and I too am a Sister in Floof with Sienna and MoMo. Come by and say hi anytime.

  3. Hiding on a pure white rug will just work purrfectly, Tankene. We're sorry to hear that ice cream is verboten (hihihi) for your mommy as we love to sneak licks every time ours is having some. We're glad that Siena's Sisters in Floof have visited you.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  4. Oh and as you see there's an impostor calling herself Sienna that is trying to steal Siena's friends. Even Fin isn't immune to her! Be careful!
    : )

  5. oh that made me smile, hope the cold id better too lots of love