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Sep 8, 2009

Sunday Tricks

Whiteness means getting wet in a bath at least once a month. Sunday was the big day. Here's how they tricked me into the bath. First Papa took a warm bath and MaaMaa and I came in for what we call a cat chat.I said hello to my Papa and he said, "Hello Tankene " very kindly. Papa lifted me into the tub and held me firmly while MaaMaa squished the soap (organic of course) all over my fur, stirring up a frothy mess. Buckets of warm water cascaded down my body as they tried to get rid of all that soap. My paws and lynx tips are pure white and you can see my pink pads and pink ears. Now I am a glistening,sparkly snow lion ready to play with my furfriends, Mr. Chub and the Princess, Nancy Sinatra. First, I must chase my tail for awhile! Purrs, Tankene

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  1. Uh oh, a bath once a month? That sounds, uhm, horrible! It's a good thing your humans don't get at you with running water, that would scare you far too much. I bet you look funny all wet!
    Sympathising purrs, Siena