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Sep 14, 2009

Room with a View

Sparklewood is my home but it is a forested haven for lots of other animal friends. Now since I live indoors, I wanted to tell you how I see all the animals. MaaMaa gathers me up in her arms and I stand on her shoulder and gaze out the big picture window.This room has quite a view. What do you think I see? I often spot BlackJack & Diamond (aka "The Gamblers"); our feral cats, the raccoon family, which consists of Flower and her three babies, many raucous Bluejays, quirky, longtailed, bushy squirrels, dainty hummingbirds, hawks and once in a while, Ms. Prissy, the Skunk. Thank heaven she only comes late in the evening! She can be a real stinker! MaaMaa calls me her big, snowy lion and I climb down her back, jump on the floor and say " Thank you MaaMaa." A room with a view just for you! Purrs, Tankene


  1. Aren't boxes just the biggest fun? Of course you are a big snowy lion, Tankene. Your room with a view sounds wonderful. We mostly see only the odd blackbird, magpie and sparrow - and sometimes an intruder cat.
    Purrs, Siena Snowfox & Chilli Chilada

  2. Hello sweet friend! I think this room looks very cosy and your box is a perfect spot to play and hiding!
    I'm very happy to meet you and your blog is beautiful!
    I enjoyed your pictures and stories, thanks for sharing!
    Many thanks also for your kind comment in my blog!
    You are very kind
    purrs and love