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Sep 17, 2009

Tick Tock Tankene

Guess who got in trouble this morning? I confess, I woke up when MaaMaa went upstairs to turn off the radio at 5:00 a.m. I thought it was time to get up but it was dark. MaaMaa and Mr. Chub fell back asleep but not me. I like to be helpful and beat the alarm clock's buzzing.I looked around the darkened room and decided everyone should wake up now. I scratched at the door, pushed books off the dresser and tried to dump MaaMaa's water glass. Boy let me tell you, that got her attention. I heard a loud "No" but that didn't stop the fun. I ran across her pillow all the while saying "Maaa". Another louder "No" and a pillow was thrown in my direction but I persisted and walked across the piano keys. making a bumpy melody. She gave up, looked at the clock, and rolled out of bed."Tankene you are a bad boy" says MaaMaa as she grumbled up the stairs. Tick tock goes the clock. How do you wake up your family? Purrs, Tankene


  1. Tankene, we love that side shot of you, it shows off your ginormous tail. We are actually banned from the room were mom sleeps as she claims she would suffocate from Chilli sleeping on her face. That's, of course, completely exaggerated. We love how you are training your MaaMaa!

  2. Tankene, let Maa Maa sleep! She does not need your training.