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Oct 5, 2009

Tankene and Chub

My best friend is Mr. Chub and I wanted to tell you his story. Mr. Chub was formerly known as Robert Redford with an emphasis on the word Red. He's a stocky, orangy-red, ginger boy with a 3 inch short tail. Sparkling green eyes, a sweet spirit, and the willingness to play are qualities of this 13 year old cat that MaaMaa rescued from Project Purr. Like I told you at the beginning of my "tails" when I arrived Mr. Chub greeted me warmly and even said "hi.". He's watched over me from that first day and taught me how to be a "Big Boy." Now I try to engage him in some cat fights. Mr. Chub and I fight for to see sho is the boss here at Sparklewood. We put up our paws, stand on our hind legs and box each other. One of us will knock the other one off the chair, land on the floor and the winner will jump up on the place of honor, a rugged high seat made just for cats. What fun to see who gets the seat of honor! We never actually hurt each other so MaaMaa lets us play this cat boxing game.Do you have a best friend?Purrs, Tankene

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  1. Mr. Chub sounds like a really good friend, Tankene. You can be furry happy that he accepted you so readily. We are good friends too, but in general my crazy sisfur Chilli challenges me and I have to stare her down.
    Purrs all the way to you.
    Siena Snowfox