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Oct 7, 2009

Remembering Sly

FurFriends it is with deep sadness my MaaMaa reminded me that the angel cat, Sly, died one year ago today. How should we remember Sly said MaaMaa? I gazed up at her and she gathered me in her arms. Here is Sly's story.
Sly was an abandoned, 5 week old, smoke black, furbaby who was tucked into a ladies's purse and smuggled into a bar. MaaMaa's, Aurora, plucked the kitten out of the purse and rescued him. He purred the whole way home, curled up on Aurora's lap. Grandson Blake loved the kitten but Aurora said he had to live with Popo and Nona.
(my MaaMaa and Papa). Papa wasn't too happy to take in a tiny kitten but because it was for his grandson, Blake, he gave in. Blake brought kitten food, a blue dish, and a cat box. He loved the furbaby but Blake had to say good bye when the weekend was over and he went home.
Now the furbaby needed a name. Papa thought Sylvester Stallone would be a perfect name since the kitten was so courageous to have left his Moma and already be on the road at his age. He would sit under Papa's big hand to stay warm and snuggle around MaaMaa's neck like a kitty scarf. He slept in a warm, dimly lit closet with a fluffy blanket the first few weeks because my parents were afraid he'd get crushed sleeping in the big bed. During the afternoon, Papa would watch Star Trek : The Next Generation, and Sly would use Papa's legs like a tightrope , digging in with sharp claws across Paapaa's legs. I hear his legs got a bit scratched!
Sly grew to be a large beauty with a fluffy tail like mine.He loved to play in the sink with water and would dip his paws in MaaMaa's water glass.Sometimes the glass would fall over and the water would run down the table to the floor.He also loved the tiny balls his parents would throw under the gap in the old door, chase them all over the hall, sometimes batting them back under the door. Nancy Sinatra hissed at Sly and Mr. Chub loved him.
Sly's birthday was June 29th 2008 and he celebrated being a one year old in style. Lots of treats, hugs, and feathers. By late July, something terrible happened and he started having coughing attacks. Maa Maa took him in to the vet, thinking it was a hairball but it turned out that Sly had Mediastinal Lymphoma.: a bad cancer for a cat. He had rapid breathing and would get a shot of Prednisone that would help but the cancer kept growing. Every six weeks he'd have to get another shot and would feel pretty good and play but his energy was gone and he felt tired. As time went on Sly knew that the angels were waiting for him. MaaMaa even saw them fluttering at the window .Eventually Sly gently told his MaaMaa with his shiny,copper eyes that it was time to go to the Rainbow Bridge.He died peacefully Oct. 7th, 2008 and we remember him today and say a little prayer for Sly and all kitties who need prayers. We know Sly will be waiting for us at the Rainbow bridge when Jesus calls us home.Until we meet again, Purrs, Tankene Ice Mist


  1. Hi Tankene! Thanks for visiting us today! We're sorry Sly went to the Bridge. He was lucky that your MaaMaa and Papa took him in. Our mom says every time you think of those at the Bridge, they think of you too...we're sure Sly is thinking of you!

  2. Sly died much too young, but he had a good home for the short time he was given. And his tail was beautiful fluffy! What a nice way to remember him.

  3. So sorry to know this sad news!All our purrs and prayers for Sly.
    purrs and love
    Luna ( We love Luna ) and mommy Léia